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Subject:It's long but take the time and READ IT!!!!
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I know damn well you wont read this or probably just glance at it. Hopfully you do, piece of info, may change your life, duno.

Marijuana, in my opinion is one of the best things that there is to offer. There is so much information on it that people don't know of. People see marijuana as such a terrible thing, when in truth, it's not. I am here to provide proof, proof that Marijuana is not such a terrible thing. People who use marijuana and understand it acually know what it is like, when in other cases, people who have never tried marijuana have been brainwashed into thinking its so bad so they wont try it. I have provided every single piece of information about marijauna on this website. I may not change your views on marijuana, but I am still here to provide this information. Many people, including the government will never understand, but I do, and a lot of users do too. Marijuana, it expands the mind, makes you think, and see things more clearly, and in different kinds of ways. It makes me relaxed, and focussed on one thing, and to look into it into a greater depth.

My views on marijuana is that, the only reason it is illegal today is that the government has brainwashed so many people into thinking its so bad. If you've never tried it, you'll never understand it. It makes no sense, tobacco and alcohol are one of the number one legal things and they kill and have killed so many people, marijuana has killed none! DXM, KETEMINE, PCP, and many other drugs are legal, and very easily obtained, and they kill. Percription drugs, adsprin, overdoses, they kill, marijuana has killed none. Many places throughout the world, legalize or discriminalize marijauna, why can't we? I thought we live in the land of the free? The government makes so much money daily, by locking up non-violent, innocent people, just because they use marijuana. Its terrible and quite sad. If it was legal, the governement would tax it like crazy. They should discriminalize it. Make it so that you can't get punished, just because you, as a responsible person, wants to use marijuana. The government does grow marijuana and distribute it to patients for medical purpopses known as G13. DEA knows all about what weed really does but still refuses to even considering legalization ue to money, not to mention that certian people in the goverment and cia are profiting off them.
Here is a tibit to consider, back in the 1980's the Reagan administration ordered all college studys on marijuana and its health benefits to be destroyed so that only the goverment can "research" it.

I have been a user since the year of '99. I love it. Marijuana is great, it opens your mind to new ideas, offers a common bond between people who wouldn't normally have one, offers relaxation, pleasure and a safe source of enjoyment. If you've read as much as I have, you will understand completely. To me smoking pot is fun, but as with everything, moderation is key. The government feeds you a whole lot of lies that they belive aren't lies about how bad pot is, but they sell alcohol and tobacco on every street corner in the US. Alcohol and tobacco kills many more people a year than anything, they are the leading cause of death. They don't want you to do these things because they actually open your mind to new things. And then you get these people who had personal problems or weaknesses long before they tried marijuana, and then blame their shortcomings on marijuana, calling themselves "recovering marijuana addicts," thinking that just because they got their life's messed up on drugs, so will everyone else. It's like saying, "I tried riding a bicycle once, and had a really bad spill and broke my arm, so I don't think anyone should be allowed bo ride a bike, those things are dangerous!" Then theres people who think their addicted to it, or just plain act dumb with it, and that looks bad on a lot of people who smoke marijuana. If your going to try drugs or whatever, don't let them do you. Smoking isn't good for you, smoking anything in general is not good for you, but if it were cheap enough, you could just make brownies or tea and stuff, then it wouldn't be bad for you at all! The gov't is all about giving kids Ritalin and depressed people Prozac. Sure these things may help, but marijuana is and will always be a natural cure for a lot of things too. But you go to jail if you're caught with it. Go figure. Just don't buy into the propoganda. You don't have to try it if you don't want to, but just try to see things from a different point of view.

Look at the facts the US has one of the highest crime rates. Amsterdam has the lowest per capita (per person) Why you ask? Because everybody smokes marijuana when they have a problem with someone and they chill out, not shooting some dude's head off for cutting him off on his way to work. What the heck? The drug war needs to stop. Lets learn fron the damn europeans, (no offense),ESPECIALLY Amsterdam. America lost the drug war along time ago. You think just becase you make it illegal, you think your going to stop us? The Gov't. is loosing too much money to something that they can't and will never win. It makes no sense to put people in jail for using a substance that has a whopping total of ZERO overdose deaths for all of human history.

It's just the fact that it is illegal and you can get in trouble for having it or using it is a concern for most people and parents. And the fact that your under 18, not an adult yet. A very large percent of minors, and a large percent of minor marijauna abusers (people who use marijauna to get "messed up") is probably the main reason that the government makes marijauna illegal. A large percentage of minors smoke, and there's more to come, and that a lot of minors (not all), abuse it and treat it as a thing to do to get "messed up" such as potheads. Parents,teens, now you know the facts, the truth, and have a better understanding. Those who don't abuse marijuana deserve a chance to use it, example: discriminalization for adults of 18 years of age. The parents that do understand, and know that their kid understands; both deserve to use it. It's those without the real understanding, are the one's holding us back on discriminalization or one day legalization. Just because it is illegal, doesn't mean it's wrong, even for minors.

Maybe you guys just can't accept that people just like to do things. Do you drink? In the long run that will destory your liver, and by the way, when you get drunk you destroy brain cells as well. I smoke pot because I enjoy doing it. I'm not bored or anything, I have a great life and lots of non and pot smoking friends.
Brain cells rebuild themselves over time. Which was proved in an independent gov't study about 3 years ago. With excessive use of pot over long periods of time, your short term memory slips but after stopping, it returns. For occasional users, it never goes. Its all about moderation and responsibility and not letting it take over your life. Video games can take over someone's life and everything will eventually do damage to you after prolonged use.

There are a lot of people and minors that have nothing better to do with their lives than sit around and get wasted. Being burned-out is by choice, and I believe its a fake persona that goes along with "Hey, I smoke all the time so I must act like a pothead." BS. Thats it.

I say screw those of you that stereo type smokers, calling them POTHEADS, and do nothing but bitch about pot. Pot is a plant, comes from the ground, it's my choice if I want to smoke it or not. If you've never tried it, you'll never understand it. If you've tried it in the wrong state of mind such as irresponsible use or without an understanding, or a substance to get messed up, youll never understand it. Theres a lot of people who do understand, they are marijuana users. Use pot as its ment to be used, use pot in the right state of mind, and responsibly. There are many other substances out there other than marijuana, that can be used and used in the same way as marijauana. The people who come make asses of themselves or being stupid with pot are doing nothing but hurting legitimate MJ smokers with their stupidity. I'm not asking you to try it, just understand and look at it on a different point of view.

Bascially to sum this up. Marijuana is here, and here to stay. The drug war is pointless (well pointless against weed anyway) It was lost years ago. Hate pot all you want, but its here and there isnt anything you can do about it. There is so much wonderful, and awesome information on marijuana, that its just incredible. You meet so many wonderful people, that you can share your thoughts and such which. You people will never understand, thats too bad. Theres way too much info. to try and even explain or type, check out the forums posted at the top, you can start there. My point about all this, well not all of my point, a point I would like to point out:

drugs can open your mind to new wonderful feelings, ideas, creations, etc. etc. If your going to do drugs (including marijuana, even though its not a drug, its a substance) dont let them do you! Get educated, stay safe, stay smart, and enjoy life. Thats it. Just because people abuse it (ex. potheads) doesnt mean everyone abuses it, like you people who love to stero type us "potheads". I love pot, and thats it, I enjoy it

Alot of kids and young adults abuse or make marijuana look bad (Potheads). A lot of kids start for many reasons, either curiosity, to fit in or think its cool. The kids and young adults, even adults that make marijauna look bad, are the ones that are not mature enough or dont have an understanding which I've provided. The government still has marijauna illegal because a lot of kids use marijauna in the wrong way, such as to "get messed up", and do dumb things with it, which looks really bad on marijuana. But most of the kids and young adults understand this. A lot of parents that find out that there child is using marijuana, most of them don't understand the truth which I've provided. The parents that know the truth have a better time talking to there kids, and have a complete understanding. The better understanding, the better the relationship with your kids. I'd rather know that my son or daughter was smoking pot, instead of them sneaking around, getting in trouble. Again I say, moderation, maturity, and responsibilities come first before recreational enjoyment. I've heard of parents that make sure their kids get good grades, make sure they take care of responsibilities, and then lets their kids use it. I guess its a motivation key. Kids, I shouldn't say kids, young adults, teens, like to go out, have fun, associate with friends, and a lot of friends (not all) are going to have marijuana, and teens who have a better understanding, which is the purpose of this website, will just understand a lot better, and become smarter than those who don't understand.

Anyway, the one age (18) would be when you are considered an adult...can do everything...and be held responsible for everything.

Why restrict weed in the way you do alcohol and tobacco? Probably for liability reasons. Minors in general are not liable for jack. Due to the ways the laws work, a minor can evade trouble or financial responsibility much easier than an 18+ person can. Your parents bear the burden of liability for much of your actions.

Is it fair to young responsible citizens? Nope. You may very well be one of the young people out there who would be able to handle beer, cigarettes and weed in a responsible manner. Are there 40 year olds who handle these things worse than you? Absolutely. Unfortunately, society needs a quick and easy way to determine maturity, and age is the best solution they have right now. It's far from perfect.

Consider this time period your rookie initiation if you have to. If you're familiar with military schools, think of it as your plebe year. If you know anything about fraternities, consider it your pledge year.

Right now, I wouldn't look for a whole lot of support from older folks on making it legal for juveniles. We are trying to get it legalized in some fashion AT ALL, and including minors would severely hinder the movement.

Consider yourself fortunate in this aspect. As a 17 year old, it's probably easier for you to get MJ than someone over 30. By the time you turn 21, perhaps everything will finally be legalized... and then you'll have made it just in time, and will benefit from the best of both worlds. The thing to remember is it is ok to not like what he/she is doing. It is quite another to say he cannot smoke at all. If a parent starts to do that, I have seen it happen a lot, they might want to do other drugs. It is best if they just do Mj the rest of his life.

Quite a large percentage of teens smoke pot, very large in fact, and never go on to harder things(except perhaps college).
The biggest danger of smoking pot is getting busted by the cops for doing it or having it at school. Minors can get in the same trouble for having alcohol. You should express your concerns to your son/daughter (Parents), but you should do some research before confronting them with the standard DARE/PDFA/Nancy Reagan "Just Say No" line of arguments. Arguments like the "gateway drug" effect or the "amotivational syndrome" are simply not borne out by the research, but these scare stories persist because of political pressure. Would you rather your child be smoking something that's safe and unharmful, or smoking tobbacco or drinking alchohol. Marijuana does not harm or kill you, or affect you harmfully in any way, remember that. A lot of parents without understanding, get upset, mad, and it ruins a relationship. Sit down, with your child and have an open, un argumentive discussion. Just because it is illegal, doesn't mean it is wrong.

I remember the DARE program back when I was in elementary school. Is it just me, or is this program a simple attempt to spew propaganda at young children who are too young to make important decisions for themselves? I was totally against drugs of any kind because all they told us was "drugs=bad". Now that I am older, I think that the DARE program, while having good intentions, is oversimplifying drugs, putting them all into a negative category. How many of you experienced the DARE program, and what are your feelings toward it? Comments appreciated.\par \f1\fs20 I think the dare idea has some basic good ideas that have been corrupted by prooganda. For example there program about alcohol is good when it teachs restraint. However of course they completely blow it and everything else out of proportion. \line\f0\fs24\par The government just wants out children not to smoke pot. Why you might ask? \line Well because the government doesnt want us to be independent. Marijuana is a tool for seeing through the evils of our government, By opening up the mind and expanding it to a higher level of consciousness. The government knows this, so thats why thier is dare. \line Simple and easy. \par it's kind of sick that they have a right to program kids with this shit. Before my friends started smoking and I actually looked at some facts on weed, I totally thought that it was just as bad as cigarettes (the health effects, such as cancer), you could OD on it like any other drug, and it was addictive as hell. I don't even remember the specifics of what they said because I was so young when I took the program but those messages are all that remained in my head. I'm glad I'm an open minded person and was willing to look deeper and consider facts when people around me started to use it, I know that people who aren't as open minded wouldn't even consider the facts and just pass the messengers off as junkies trying to pressure them into fucking up their lives.\par well I think there are wayy too many reasons and people pushing their agendas to limit the criminalization motivation to just that. But LSD and other powerful hallucinogens were definitely criminalized for that very reason. When the hippy movement went into full-gear that very thing happened, which explains a lot of the protests and thinking of that time. It's pretty fucked up that the government has to do that, a lot of hallucinogens will never be legalized as a result. Sorry to take this a little off-topic but are there any other major reasons for LSD and mushrooms etc. being made illegal? Other than just keeping with the anti-drug agenda anyway. Who else stands to benefit from them staying illegal?\par \pard\f2\fs20\par \pard\sb100\sa100\f1 The DARE program has been proven to be full of corruption. The police recieve money to run it and they squander it. A lot of police departments have gotten in "trouble" for doing things like spending the DARE money on $70 power staplers for every office in the station and buying "DARE vehicles" and using them only for personal use. They have hired relatives as "DARE consultants"...all sorts of stuff. It's a joke. DARE has been a total failure and waste of money anyways. I can't beleive I pay for that garbage with my tax dollars. \f0\fs24\par \pard\f2\fs20\par \pard\sb100\sa100\f1 LSD and mushrooms ARE dangerous, LSD moreso than mushrooms. It's not hard to overdose on acid, and generally speaking, people have the potential to do some really dumb fucking things on 'cid (I've done a few myself).. personally, I think all NATURALLY OCCURING COMPOUNDS should be legalized (shrooms, opium, weed mainly), but I'd prefer if synthetics like E and LSD stayed illegal, to be quite honest.\f0\fs24\par \pard\f2\fs20\par \pard\sb100\sa100\f1 everyone bases their whole argument on how people have the right to make their own decisions, well taking e and acid is no different, that is quite hypocritical, and maybe you dont want to take e or acid. fine, but what about other people? would you still make it illegal regardless of what they think? because you dont like it? saying things like that will not advance the cause one bit, if you think like the gov't ( YOU think its bad so it should be illegal) then you have no right to defend your own case about how other substances should be legal.\f0\fs24\par \pard\f2\fs20\par \pard\sb100\sa100\f0\fs24 I think alcohol SHOULD be illegal. Prohibition failed because of the racial blend in the US at the time. It was mainly Irish, British, French, Spanish, and Italian people; predominantly British. There were enough people drinking and fighting prohibition that they were able to get rid of it. Not because the government was wrong; because the people screamed loud enough that they want to harm their bodies and minds and livers and kill all sorts of innocent people in accidents. \line\line The reason marijuana didn't get the same treatment (ie. repeal of the illegalization) is because there weren't enough educated/legal Mexicans living in the US to fight it, and now the government's spreading propaganda for all it's worth to keep the populace in the dark. \line\line Why should LSD and E be illegal versus weed and shrooms? Weed and shrooms have, by your own statements, no adverse effects. LSD gives you flashbacks years down the road, E kills your seritonin levels after prolonged use. I think that they shouldn't be punished as severely as they are today, but they should definitely be illegal. \line\line By the way... the reason I stand so strongly against LSD and alcohol.. is because I've had a close friend and a parent lost to them, respectively. My best friend of 15 years ate 18 paper hits, and got 4 drops in each eye, in the space of 20 minutes. He ran around and was screaming, crying, and laughing at the same time, then his eyes started bleeding, then he went outside, climbed a tree to almost the top, jumped off, and landed on his driveway. \line\line My mom got hit by a drunk driver while she was crossing the street. The drunk drove straight through a red light at 92MPH in a residential zone. Nobody called the police or an ambulance for 4 hours; she was dead when they got there. The person was never caught, and the police have dropped the investigation.\line\par \f1\fs20 Firstly, there are a whole lot of abusable substances. The human body can overdose on caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and even water! Just because it's possible doesn't necessarily make them inherently dangerous substances (ok some of the ones I listed are bad examples but I hope you can see my point anyway). Yes, you can take way too much acid, but what makes it unique from other substances in this respect? Next, I can see where you're coming from, Taco, and it's absolutely horrible what happened to your friend and mother. However, there will always be people who can't use a substance responsibly, and there will always be repercussions as a result of that. I disagree that this should give the government the right to dictate what we can and can not put into our own bodies, they have no right to dictate how we should live our lives. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying driving under the influence or anything should be legal, but responsible use should be. I apologize for using your situation as an example, but if a stoned driver had hit your mother that night, would you feel the same way about marijuana? Simply because it can impair judgement? I think so. I respect your opinion and could respect an outright stance against drug legalization, but the dangerous double standard that you created brings up many problems. Who should decide what substances should be legal and shouldn't be legal? Aren't a lot of the grievances that we all have with the war on drugs there because the government is doing just this? \line\f0\fs24\par \f1\fs20 I think that all the bullshit that it taught to kids in school, and out is ridiculous. They teach that alcohol and drugs are two different things. When in fact alcohol is much more of a drug than weed. This makes kids think that weed is just as had as heroin, and that they're on the same level. I cant stand it. the other day my friends lttle sister starts asking me all sorts of questions about drugs and what-have-you. first she asks if i ever smoked weed, isaid yes, kowing she was interstewd and wouldnt say anything. I explained to her about wed and shit, and told her she should do it blah blah, wait till you're older(not that i'm very old). then she 's like, waht about heroin, have u ever done that? i was amzed that she would even assume something like that, and i began exlanin the differecve between weed and heroin. and about addiction and withdrawl etc., and i noticed that shed always thoguht alcohol as not quite a drug, but it does soemthing. and weed + EVERYTHING is bad. then when explained weeds not really bad, she assumed ther others werent too. I dunno maybe this si just some stoned rambling, but i've notice things like this which i belvie are coming from mis-education.
The dare program is a bunch of shit, that is thought to brainwashed cops to go brain wash kids. well i cant say brainwash, because a lot of info in the dare program is good, like drinking and driving, etc. But why bitch about how pot is the most god awful thing?

This is the law in Iowa against Marijuana:

Any amount (first offense) misdemeanor 6 months $1,000
Any amount (second offense) misdemeanor 1 year $1,500
Any amount (subsequent offense) misdemeanor 2 years $500 - $5,000
More than 28.5 g on school grounds while school open misdemeanor 6 months $500
Within 1,000 feet of school, or specified areas Additional 100 hours community service none
Possible conditional discharge for possession.
Sale or Cultivation
50 kg or less felony 5 years $750 - $7,500
50 to 100 kg felony 10 years $1,000 - $50,000
100 to 1,000 kg felony 25 years $5,000 - $100,000
More than 1,000 kg felony 50 years $1,000,000
To a minor felony 5 years MMS* to 25 years
Within 1,000 feet of a school or park felony 10 years MMS* to 25 years
*Mandatory minimum sentence.
Miscellaneous (paraphernalia, license suspensions, drug tax stamps, etc...)
Paraphernalia possession or sale misdemeanor 30 days $50-$500
Any second or subsequent offense is punishable for up to 3 times the sentence for the first offense.
Juvenile offenders can have driver's license suspended for up to 1 year.
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Time:2004-08-05 02:26 pm (UTC)
daaaaamn you wrote a lot..that's too much to read for me! ahh! i just say i agree, pot is good :p

i just looked at this The Gov't. is loosing too much money to something that they can't and will never win. and i completely agree, the gov't could use advice from people like you!
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